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Reserva Deja Vú

Over half a century ago, the first colonists came to this region, building a community of producers thanks to their unique commitment and vision to create value. Producing Yerba Mate and other crops became a perfect match for these farmers.

Awareness of the current environmental degradation has now led to the creation of Reserva DejaVú, a reserve and productive venture where we adopt completely natural and environmentally-friendly practices. We stay connected to our origins and strongly committed to society and the environment.

With the help of experts, we work day in, day out, to restore our environment with agroecological, organic and biodynamic practices, using ancestral methods that lead to a prosperous and healthy life.

Reforestation is our highest priority at the reserve. We implant hundreds of native trees periodically, which help preserve biodiversity and the fauna.

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Reserva Deja Vú
Reserva Deja Vú

Our Project

Convinced that a positive change is possible, we work closely with the neighboring communities, following science-based practices that respect the native flora and fauna.

Where we are

Reserva DejaVú is located in the Municipality of Natalio, Department of Itapúa, Paraguay.

In terms of geography, this red land is bordered by the Paraná River, and through it flow several rivers and streams, like the Pirayuí and the incredible Tembey waterfall among others.

Alongside with Misiones and Corrientes in Argentina and with Southern Brazil, it stands out as a main Yerba Mate production area.

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